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How to reprocess mail in old mail SPOOL folder
Document #:10203

Applies To:
  • MailSite

If you have renamed the Spool folder, it may be necessary to reprocess the messages left behind in there. This document details how to reprocess these messages in MailSite 9.2 and later.

More Information:

To reprocess mail from the OLD Spool folder that was named "spool_old" follow the steps below:

  • Stop SMTPDA service
  • Pair up the .msg files and .rcp files from the old Spool\Incoming folder (if any files are present). For each .msg file there should be a .rcp file. The .msg file contains the actaul email and the .rcp file contains the recipient information. Any .msg files without corresponding .rcp files (and vice versa) will not be processed
  • Move these into the current Spool\incoming folder
  • For items within in the old Spool\Domains folder you can simply move the folders into the new Spool\domains\ location.
  • Restart SMTPDA service

If you have a msg file without a matching rcp you can use the "MSSENDMESSAGES" utility to resend that message as described in KB Doc: 10202 (see Related)

Orphaned .rcp files can be deleted as they serve no purpose.

Note in versions prior to 9.2, the .msg files are held in the 'Holding' folder, and the .rcp files within the Spool\domains\ folder. So it is necessary to use Windows search to pair up the file names from those locations and then drop them into the new Spool\incoming folder.

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Last revised 2012-1-6

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